Resurg | The One Minute Manager

Regular reviewing of goals Employees should read through their goals regularly and analyse their performance in line with the expectations set by the goals. In this way staff can ensure that they are meeting the standards required. Not only does this free up the managers time it also helps to create a positive and fair working environment. The workers do not live in fear for their jobs because they have a very clear understanding of whether or not they are performing their roles correctly. The staff members will also provide regular updates to their manager and the manager in turn will offer one minute praisings where appropriate. The One Minute Manager is always on the look out to catch his staff doing something right so he can use the opportunity to praise them, therefore increasing motivation and further driving improved performance. Should a staff member not be performing their role in line with the goals set it is time for a one minute reprimand. This reprimand focuses only on the actions of the individuals, not the person themselves. The manager will state the fact the work is not up to the staff members normal high standards and finishes by reminding how valued the employee is in the organisation. Once the reader has been educated on the three elements of the One Minute Managers technique the second half of the book focuses on explaining why the One Minute Manager works. The authors tell us that One Minute Goals setting works because the number one motivator of people is feedback on results. The goals help people know how theyre doing and if they are doing well they feel good about themselves, giving them the confidence to drive continued improvement in their performance. One Minute Praisings work well because they are part of the training process. Most people in most jobs require training irrelevant of previous experience. The One Minute Manager claims that the best way to train people is to teach them the task and let them practice it. Once they are practicing it look for any opportunity to catching them doing something right. The more you build their confidence the better they become at the task. The One Minute manager argues that discipline is not effective when working with people who are not secure in their roles, only a positive, encouraging approach can help develop the self belief and confidence needed to perform the task to a high standard. One Minute reprimands work because they are fair. If elements one and two are in place then the staff member should not be surprised to receive a reprimand as they will know that they are not achieving the right level of performance. The discussion is fair and factual so there is little room for mis-interpretation of the reprimand and the interaction normally ends on a high note. Ten things you can learn from the One Minute Manager Managing people can be simple, dont over think it.
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